S T A C K E D: Bangle Techniques by Jessica Cote

S T A C K E D: Bangle Techniques

Suitable for newer smiths up to more advanced students, this in-depth online course is designed to foster creativity and explore the endless possibilities of a simple circle.  Create a custom stack of wearable art fit for traditionalists or the most brazen of trendsetters.

Understanding + Utilizing the Circle as a Stepping Stone

The basic circle is one of the most ancient and fundamental shapes of our world.  In personal adornment, it's the foundation of many decorative structures: bracelets, rings, hoops, bezels, collars, crowns, etc.  The skills you learn to craft a solid, sturdy, beautifully executed bangle will serve you well in the creation of these other arenas.  You'll be able to apply many of the techniques you learn here to other avenues of your jewelry designing journey.  

Expect to master proper sizing techniques and tools, as well as how to adjust and account for alterations in sizing.  Forge stocks and wire, refine and perfect edges and seams, solder shapes closed and embellishments in place, form with respect to function, texture, refine.  Employ specialty hammers, shot plates, die forms, files, a saw and a torch.  Execute a silvery stack of curated bangles that reflect your personal aesthetics while encompassing a vast array of fundamental and more advanced skills.

Dynamic Learning:

This course, like the bangles themselves, has been designed to be highly customizable.  Come ready to play, to experiment, to have your creative muscles and inspiration galvanized as you push the potential of this simple form.

How will you frame your hands?


What torch do I need?

Nothing fancy!  A butane torch will work just fine (I recommend THIS torch head and THIS style of disposable canister-- smaller models of culinary torches with refillable canisters will likely not produce enough heat to be efficient).  A Smith Silver Smith torch or Smith Little Torch (or comparable brands) using either propane or acetylene will also work.

What other tools are required?

See the complete list of required and recommended tools HERENote that this page has duplicates of many of the tools- this is to educate you on various models, pricing, and suppliers out there.  You do NOT need every individual item on this list, and most items you likely already have.

What Raw Materials do I need?

To make the exact projects that I do in the course, you can shop this raw materials list HERE.  This course is designed so that you can customize the projects, however, so feel free to experiment with materials outside of or in addition to the ones I cover in class.  More on this is covered in the link above.

I'm a beginner and am just starting to solder- is this course for me?

If you've never soldered before, this course may be a challenge for you- but you can do it!  I, along with a supportive community of fellow students, will be there via the private student community to help you through.  In addition to the torch and other tools listed above, you'll need a basic soldering station. This should include:
  • flux and applicator
  • Hard & Medium solders
  • stainless steel tweezers
  • small crock pot
  • pickle
  • solder pick
  • annealing pan with pumice
  • honeycomb board
  • charcoal block
  • glass or ceramic dish for quenching
Details and links for all these tools may be found on my Kit page for Soldering Station Essentials, located HERE.

What all is included with my course purchase?

  • over three hours and thirty videos of professionally filmed demonstrations
  • printable instructions for bench-side reference
  • private student community with access to the instructor, other students, and supplemental videos and resources
  • lifetime access
  • complete tool and raw material resource guides WITH LINKS for easy shopping 
  • downloadable PDFs with templates, formulas, diagrams or any other visual aids you may need to complete the course
  • NEW: An optional affiliate program.  Become an affiliate and earn a significant percentage of your course tuition back for every new student you bring to the table (details covered in course contents.)

What if I forget my login information?

No problem.  Just shoot me an email and I'll be able to reset your account from my end.  


I first took a class with Jess at Art Unraveled in Phoenix a couple of years ago.  I was so impressed with her knowledge of metalworking, her way of explaining processes, and her patience with students.  Jess encourages you without stifling your learning curve.  I have learned so much from her-she is very thorough in her online classes - her videos are well done, with close ups of more complex methods, and her downloadable handouts are detailed.  She is always available online to answer any questions or problems that arise.  I have signed up for all of her online classes and have not yet been disappointed!
M. Brannen, Repeat Student
Jessica began assisting me in teaching workshops all around the country at some of the most demanding venues such as Beadfest, Bead & Button, Art Is You and Vivi Magoo Presents just to name a few. From the very beginning it became apparent to me that Jessica was not only a skilled silversmith but a gifted communicator. She has a disarming presence that puts students at ease and makes her very approachable. Students appreciate her knowledge and the thorough way she explains and demonstrates even the most complex procedure or skill. I've watched her grow into a competent instructor over the years as she went from assistant, to collaborator and now a nationally recognized instructor.  As a proud mentor and friend,  I can recommend her online courses without hesitation. You will not be disappointed with the content and will enjoy the professionalism and thoughtfulness she puts into the classes.
Richard Salley, Silvermith + Instructor
Jessica Cote is hands-down one of the best instructors I've ever encountered - in fact, she's a large part of the reason I became a metalsmith. Her soulful artistic voice is stunning, but she also has the rare ability to connect deeply and genuinely with her students, and to communicate techniques and processes clearly and simply. I highly recommend taking classes with Jess - students will come away encouraged and with foundational skills that will serve them well in their jewelry-making journey..
Francesca Watson, Owner/Instructor, The Makery and Makery University.
A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.

- Louis Nizer -

What's included?

Video Icon 32 videos File Icon 54 files Text Icon 2 text files


Hi + Welcome!
2 mins
First Things to Know & Do:
Join the Private Student Community!
Optional Affiliate Information
Before You Begin
Discussion of Raw Material Options
5 mins
Sizing + Measuring
11 mins
Raw Material Considerations and Measuring (Benchside Reference)
545 KB
Bangle Math.pdf
2.32 MB
Alternative Sizing.pdf
2.64 MB
Bench Tools - Quick Reference
77.9 KB
Recommended + Required Tools (with links):
Torch Station - Quick Reference
79.6 KB
Raw Material Suggestions + Considerations (with links):
Notes on Safety.pdf
562 KB
Part One: The Basic Bangle
Cutting + Filing
16 mins
Filing and Cutting (Benchside Reference)
320 KB
Aligning the Ends
7 mins
Aligning the Ends (Benchside Reference)
249 KB
19 mins
Soldering (Benchside Reference)
91.2 KB
Cleaning the Seams
5 mins
Rounding the Form
17 mins
Cleaning the Seams & Rounding the Form (Benchside Reference)
144 KB
30 mins
Textures (Benchside Reference)
77.6 KB
Flattening the Form
6 mins
Flattening the Form (Benchside Reference)
260 KB
The Embellished Bangle
Discussion of Possibilities
3 mins
The Ball Bangle
11 mins
The Ball Bangle (Benchside Reference)
335 KB
The Charm Bangle
20 mins
Adding Charms (Benchside Reference)
53.3 KB
Polar Graph Template: 2-7
5.21 MB
Polar Graph Template: 8-13
5.93 MB
Polar Graph Template: 14-19
6.6 MB
Polar Graph Template: 20-25
7.14 MB
Want to make your own Polar Graph?
The Bound Bangle Set
Options + Considerations
8 mins
Cutting + Stringing
5 mins
Soldering the Forms
6 mins
5 mins
The Bound Bangle Set (Benchside Reference)
90.3 KB
More Variations
Examples + Layouts
4 mins
Soldering Studs
9 mins
Soldering Jump Rings
6 mins
Forming the Bangles
6 mins
Soldering the Forms Closed
7 mins
Shaping + Flattening
13 mins
Adding Charms
6 mins
More Variations (Benchside Reference)
138 KB
Forming Dies
Tool Outline + Examples
12 mins
The Forming Die: Tool Outline (Benchside Reference)
63.2 KB
Pushing Further: Prepping
7 mins
Pushing Further: Soldering Stacks
7 mins
Pushing Further: Filing
5 mins
Pushing Further: Making Shot Embellishments
8 mins
Pushing Further: Soldering Embellishments
8 mins
Pushing Further (Benchside Reference)
508 KB
Finishing + Final Thoughts
Summary + Thank You!
2 mins
Kevin Kolbe Media Video Marketing Sampler
1 min
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561 KB
427 KB
581 KB
540 KB
311 KB
340 KB
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546 KB
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416 KB
562 KB
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463 KB
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484 KB
326 KB
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444 KB
520 KB
361 KB
458 KB

 Ralph Waldo Emerson -


  1. Due to the immediate access to written instructions, video demos, templates and other resources, I do not provide refunds for online courses under any circumstances.  Please make your course selections carefully.
  2. Online courses are a privilege to teach and take.  Ethical behavior is non-negotiable.  Sharing passwords, downloads and other materials with anyone who has not paid for this course will result in your immediate removal from the course, nor will you be permitted to register for a future course of mine.  Please note that this website tracks login geography- if you log in to your account from North Carolina in the morning and log in from California an hour later, the system will notify me of potential user abuse.
  3. I reserve the right to dismiss any student at any time from this course if the above ethical guidelines are in question or not met.  Other reasons for dismissal from this course and/or future courses include rudeness/disrespect to fellow students, to me, and teaching this course as your own.  

I'm Jessica- a silversmith, southerner, wife and mama from a small town in rural North Carolina.  Teaching has become such an unexpected passion of mine over the years, born largely out of the appreciation for those who have helped me along my own path. I've been a career silversmith for twelve years and an instructor for seven. I believe in growth, in human connection, in love, God, and paying it forward.  I believe in you.  Docendo discimus. Thank you for that.