PinUp Poster Child by Jessica Cote

PinUp Poster Child

Got beads sitting around from your days as a stringer?  Want to make more interesting, dynamic connections in your work? In this course, you'll learn to use a tiny torch and fine wires to create connections, trap beads, embellish chains and more.

About this Course:

Jars of them.  Drawers of them.  I started off my jewelry design journey like so many others... as a beader.  Now that my tool box is a bit more complex and my skills a bit more advanced, I no longer string and wire-wrap like I used to.  But what to do with all the beads leftover from the good ol' days? 

Pin them.

Maybe you're not fond of pick soldering, but dislike leaving jump rings open given the quality and craftsmanship you aim to incorporate into each piece of work.  What to do about making those connections, suspending elements from chain and wire, or trapping components within your design?

Pin them.

Pinning is a technique that's simple in theory, but not always so easy to execute.  This is why I'm offering this course- to help demonstrate the various applications of this skill, as well as provide for you clear-cut, reliable methods of execution.  

Grab your torches.  Tap into those fuzzy feelings that beading brought you when you first discovered it, and let's get pinning... adding new life to an old love.

Dynamic Learning

Follow along to make what I make, or use the techniques in this course to create something completely unique.  Pre-made kits are also available for your convenience.  


What's included in this course?

  • 26 instructional videos breaking down this project step by step 
  • detailed printable PDF instructions for benchside reference
  • a complete list of direct links to resources for raw materials and tools
  •  access to a private community group for sharing questions, progress and tips
  •  a direct communication line with me throughout the process

Do I need a particular type of torch for this course?

Yes.  For the creation of a setting, you'll be able to use a variety of torches- including but not limited to Smith Brand torches, Bernzomatic torches, butane torches, and micro torches; however, for the pinning portions of this course- you will need a Smith Little Torch or a generic alternative.  The reason for this is the necessity to achieve a very tiny, intensely hot pinpoint flame to quickly access tight recesses without exposing other elements of your design (bead, chain, etc) to excessive heat.  

What other primary tools will I need?

You will need the ability to drill holes.  This can be done with a dremel, a flexshaft, or an economy drill press.  All other tools are standard bench tools that you likely already have or can inexpensively acquire.

Do I have to complete this course within a certain timeframe?

Absolutely not.  Once purchased, this course and all included contents are yours, permanently.  Even if registration closes to new students, you'll retain full access to all the written materials, supplemental resources, video demonstrations, and private community page.

What if I forget my login information?

No problem.  Just shoot me a note via email or through our community group, and I can reset your password.  You'll then be able to change it at any time.

Will you be available to assist me along the way?

Absolutely.  Students can contact me through the community page or directly via email.  I'll be in and out checking on student progress, answering questions, and sharing points of interest.

What's included?

Video Icon 29 videos File Icon 14 files Text Icon 1 text file


Hi + Welcome!
I'm so glad you're here!
1 min
First Things to Know & Do:
Link to The Student Community Group on Facebook
Before You Begin
Notes on Safety.pdf
468 KB
Let's Talk Raw Materials
6 mins
Pre-made Kit: (A Simpler Way to Source Raw Materials)
Raw Materials Quick Glance.pdf
381 KB
Raw Materials Shopping Links
Tools Quick Glance.pdf
811 KB
Recommended Tools Shopping Links
My Soldering Station Favorites
Setting Up a Smith Silver Smith Torch
The Focal Point
Focal Point: Forming a Gallery Wire Bezel
11 mins
Focal Point: Soldering the Bezel Closed
7 mins
Focal Point: Shaping and Refining the Bezel
7 mins
Focal Point: Soldering the Bezel Down
12 mins
Focal Point: Adding Connection Points
11 mins
Focal Point: Adding Embellishments
1.12 GB
Focal Point: Piercing the Setting
4 mins
Focal Point: Filing and Refining
10 mins
Part One- The Focal Point (Benchside Reference)
1.04 MB
Accent Wires
Accent Wires: Measuring and Prepping
7 mins
Accent Wires: Soldering the Rings
6 mins
Accent Wires: Adding Casting Grain
11 mins
Accent Wires: Final Adjustments
4 mins
Part Two- The Accent Wires (Benchside Reference)
496 KB
Pinning: What is a Frame
3 mins
Pinning: Cutting + Hammering the Frame
7 mins
Pinning: Filing and Marking
5 mins
Pinning: Drilling
3 mins
Pinning: Forming the Frames
5 mins
The Basic Balled Pin
4 mins
Studded Chain: Considerations
2 mins
Studded Chain: Setup and Bead Drawing
4 mins
Part Three- Pinning (Benchside Reference)
521 KB
Connections: Bringing It All Together
Connections: The Bail
5 mins
Connections: Accent Dangles
8 mins
Connections: The Beads
6 mins
Final Finishing and Considerations
9 mins
Part Four- Connections (Benchside Reference)
371 KB
Finishing & Stone Setting (Benchside Reference)
380 KB
Thank You + Credits
Thank You
1 min
Kevin Kolbe Media Sampler
1 min
3 mins


  1. Due to the immediate access to written instructions, video demos, templates and other resources, I do not provide refunds for online courses under any circumstances.  Please make your course selections carefully.
  2. Online courses are a privilege to teach and take.  Ethical behavior is non-negotiable.  Sharing passwords, downloads and other materials with anyone who has not paid for this course will result in your immediate removal from the course, nor will you be permitted to register for a future course of mine.  Please note that this website tracks login geography- if you log in to your account from North Carolina in the morning and log in from California an hour later, the system will notify me of potential user abuse.
  3. I reserve the right to dismiss any student at any time from this course if the above ethical guidelines are in question or not met.  Other reasons for dismissal from this course and/or future courses include rudeness/disrespect to fellow students, to me, and teaching this course as your own.  

I'm Jessica- a silversmith, southerner, wife and mama from a small town in rural North Carolina.  Teaching has become such an unexpected passion of mine over the years, born largely out of the appreciation for those who have helped me along my own path. I've been a career silversmith for twelve years and an instructor for seven. I believe in growth, in human connection, in love, God, and paying it forward.  I believe in you.  Docendo discimus. Thank you for that.