Down and Dirty: Essential Soldering Techniques by Jessica Cote

Down and Dirty: Essential Soldering Techniques

Trouble soldering?  Overwhelmed or confused by the myriad of information, products and techniques out there?  Learn to do it efficiently, easily, and with clean, professional results.

About this Course

Do you struggle with soldering? Is it overwhelming, frustrating, or does it leave you with less than desirable results at the end of all your efforts? Are you afraid of the torch?  I remember the feeling.

But here's the thing, y'all. The ability to solder and do it well is a key skill in being able to create the kind of work you want to create. It opens up so many more design options, it promotes a sense of durability and longevity that customers appreciate when purchasing a piece of handmade jewelry. Soldering allows for detail, for stone setting, for solid construction that stands the test of time. A well soldered piece is an automatic heirloom in the sense that it will outlast its maker. How magical is that?

If you're unsure about soldering and want to learn, or if you already solder but would like to build on your skills, I hope you'll join me for this course. I'm only successful if you're successful, and it's my goal to ensure you complete this class with a newfound confidence in your technical abilities.

You can do this!  I promise.

What You'll Learn

This is a technique driven course as opposed to a project driven course.  You'll learn about the various types of solders and flux, torches and solder station tools.  We will solder a bezel closed, solder a bezel to a backplate, sweat solder sheet, and solder ball details.  What you do with the final setting is up to you!


I'm totally new at this soldering thing. Is this the right course for me?

I do think this course is best for those who have at least some knowledge of what soldering is and who are already familiar with the more fundamental skills of jewelry fabrication (sawing, filing, etc.) That being said, this course is designed to shed light on soldering for beginners and experienced smiths alike.  You'll find a ton of information, product links, video demonstrations as well as written instructions.  No matter where you are in your soldering journey, this course has something to offer you.  

Are you available to help me along the way?

Absolutely.  I'll be available through direct email and in the online student community.  You can ask questions at any time- I'll respond as promptly as possible.

Do I have to watch the whole course within a certain period of time?

No.  Once purchased, this course is yours to access whenever you like.

So... I don't really like Dodo birds...

No problem!  The course contents includes plenty of templates for you to use when creating this mini project, or you can use your own design.  You do not have to incorporate a dodo bird!

What tools will I need to partake in this course?

You'll need basic soldering tools including a torch, a soldering pick, tweezers, a crock pot, flux, and solder.  All of these tools/materials are covered in the course contents and you'll be provided with shopping links to source everything necessary.  I try to provide a wide range of options for every budget and experience level.

What's included?

Video Icon 14 videos File Icon 15 files Text Icon 1 text file


First Things to Know & Do:
1 min
Notes on Safety PDF
468 KB
Before You Begin
Solder... Essentially.
426 KB
Essential Tools List
332 KB
Quick Overview: My Soldering Bench
6 mins
Overview: Fluxes & Solders
2 mins
Let's Talk Torches.pdf
959 KB
Tools for Soldering- A Shopping Resource
Raw Materials Needed.pdf
1.05 MB
Raw Materials Needed- A Shopping Resource
Applying Liquid Flux... Correctly
5 mins
Applying Liquid Flux... Correctly
580 KB
Bezel Prep
4 mins
Soldering the Bezel
9 mins
Soldering Bezel to Backplate
8 mins
Bezel Instructions.pdf
488 KB
Sweat Soldering
6 mins
Sweat Soldering- Part 2
3 mins
Sweat Soldering.pdf
117 KB
Bird Templates PDF
1.14 MB
Flame Templates PDF
1.41 MB
Ornament Templates PDF
1.02 MB
Attaching a Pierced Embellisment
7 mins
Adding Smaller Details
7 mins
Pretty Little Details
89.2 KB
Closing and Finished Piece
2 mins
How I Finish my Work
3 mins
Video Production Credits & Info:
1 min


  1. Due to the immediate access to written instructions, video demos, templates and other resources, I do not provide refunds for online courses under any circumstances.  Please make your course selections carefully.
  2. Online courses are a privilege to teach and take.  Ethical behavior is non-negotiable.  Sharing passwords, downloads and other materials with anyone who has not paid for this course will result in your immediate removal from the course, nor will you be permitted to register for a future course of mine.  Please note that this website tracks login geography- if you log in to your account from North Carolina in the morning and log in from California an hour later, the system will notify me of potential user abuse.
  3. I reserve the right to dismiss any student at any time from this course if the above ethical guidelines are in question or not met.  Other reasons for dismissal from this course and/or future courses include rudeness/disrespect to fellow students, to me, and teaching this course as your own.
I'm Jessica- a silversmith, southerner, wife and mama from a small town in rural North Carolina.  Teaching has become such an unexpected passion of mine over the years, born largely out of the appreciation for those who have helped me along my own path. I've been a career silversmith for twelve years and an instructor for seven. I believe in growth, in human connection, in love, God, and paying it forward.  I believe in you.  Docendo discimus. Thank you for that.