Cut & Paste Challenge by Jessica Cote

Cut & Paste Challenge

Add depth and detail to your work through the art of layering.  Fundamental sawing and soldering skills are explored and elevated, allowing you to build up multiple layers of embellishment with clean, solid, stunning results every time.

No Complicated Tools

For the sake of aspiring smiths, budgeting artists and passionate hobbyists everywhere, this course is designed to create maximum impact with minimal means.  You don't need anything overly fancy or expensive- just basic bench tools, a simple soldering setup, and good old fashioned elbow grease.  
What Do I Need

Can I use a butane torch for this class?

Absolutely.  However, I recommend using the Sterno brand torch head and disposable canister, as opposed to a small creme brulee torch.  This provides ample heat, an adjustable flame, and the fuel lasts much longer than the aforementioned alternative.  Additionally, a Smith Silver Smith torch or similar rig works beautifully.

Do I have to watch or complete this course within a certain timeframe?

Not at all.  Once you've purchased the class, you'll have access to the course contents indefinitely.

I've never soldered before, or I have limited experience. Is this course still for me?

If you're totally new to soldering, I recommend starting off with the Down & Dirty: Essential Soldering Techniques course.  This will provide you with a foundational understanding of soldering tools and techniques as well as help reduce the element of overwhelm.  

Will you be there to help me along the way?

Yes.  I'll be available by email and also active in the online course community.  Ask questions, share your thoughts, and leave feedback.  I'm only successful if you're successful, and I'll be there to help you however I can, as promptly as possible. 

Do you provide templates for this course?

I couldn't draw you a pretty picture if my life depended on it, so no, I do not provide templates for this particular course.  However, I do provide recommendations and resources for purchasing your own templates from other gifted artists out there selling exactly what you may be looking for.  Alternatively, this project can be done using your own drawings or simply by freehanding with the saw- hey, no lines to follow!  

What kind of support is offered?

Students in this course will be invited to join a private group for this course, located on Facebook.  Within this group, they will be able to ask questions, share struggles and successes, get additional supplemental materials or videos, and interact both with the instructor and other students.  

What if I forget my log in information?

No problem.  Just shoot me a note and I can reset your password from my end, which you can then change at any time.

What's included?

Video Icon 33 videos File Icon 18 files Text Icon 1 text file


Hi + Welcome!
First Things to Know & Do:
Notes on Safety
468 KB
Hi and Welcome
1 min
Before You Begin
Raw Materials Overview
3 mins
Quick Glance: Raw Materials List
377 KB
Raw Materials Shopping Links:
Quick Glance: Required Tools List
307 KB
Recommended Tools with Shopping Links:
My Soldering Station:
OPTIONAL: Essential Soldering Techniques
A Word on Templates:
1 min
Template Resources
105 KB
Part One: Building the Bezel
Measuring & Forming
10 mins
Soldering it Closed
6 mins
Checking Fit & Refining Shape
9 mins
Printable Instructions: Building the Bezel
1010 KB
Part Two: Tinning the Silver
Part 1: Clean, Prep & Cut Solder
2 mins
Part 2: Heat, Flux & Place Chips
4 mins
Part 3: A State of Flow
7 mins
Printable Instructions: Tinning the Silver
317 KB
Part Three: Pierced Motifs
Applying the Template
4 mins
Center Punching & Drilling
3 mins
Piercing & Sawing
6 mins
4 mins
Sweating Soldering Sheet to Sheet
7 mins
Piercing & Filing Revisited
3 mins
Printable Instructions: Pierced Motifs
731 KB
Part Four: Dapping & Designing
Why We Dap
2 mins
Dapping the Pierced Motifs
4 mins
Designing Your Layout
2 mins
Sanding the Edges
9 mins
Test Fitting Your Dapped Design
3 mins
Printable Instructions: Dapping & Designing
932 KB
Part Five: Soldering It All Together
Soldering it all Together
17 mins
Printable Instructions: Soldering it all Together
942 KB
Part Six: Balls & Bits
Melting Scrap to Make Balls
3 mins
Sanding and Hammering
6 mins
Soldering the Embellishments
11 mins
Tracing Piercing
8 mins
Printable Instructions: Balls & Bits
680 KB
Part 7: The Ring Band
Ring Size Chart
8.64 MB
Sizing & Measuring
9 mins
Forming & Filing
12 mins
Testing the Fit
2 mins
Soldering the Band in Place
10 mins
Printable Instructions: The Ring Band
799 KB
Part 8: Tumbling // Finishing
Tumbling // Finishing
3 mins
Instructions for Use: HONE & HIGHLIGHT
195 KB
Part Nine: Setting the Stone
Setting the Stone
18 mins
Printable Instructions: Setting the Stone
666 KB
Video Production Credits & Info:
1 min
3 mins


  1. Due to the immediate access to written instructions, video demos, templates and other resources, I do not provide refunds for online courses under any circumstances.  Please make your course selections carefully.
  2. Online courses are a privilege to teach and take.  Ethical behavior is non-negotiable.  Sharing passwords, downloads and other materials with anyone who has not paid for this course will result in your immediate removal from the course, nor will you be permitted to register for a future course of mine.  Please note that this website tracks login geography- if you log in to your account from North Carolina in the morning and log in from California an hour later, the system will notify me of potential user abuse.
  3. I reserve the right to dismiss any student at any time from this course if the above ethical guidelines are in question or not met.  Other reasons for dismissal from this course and/or future courses include rudeness/disrespect to fellow students, to me, and teaching this course as your own.  

I'm Jessica- a silversmith, southerner, wife and mama from a small town in rural North Carolina.  Teaching has become such an unexpected passion of mine over the years, born largely out of the appreciation for those who have helped me along my own path. I've been a career silversmith for twelve years and an instructor for seven. I believe in growth, in human connection, in love, God, and paying it forward.  I believe in you.  Docendo discimus. Thank you for that.