Anthem Necklace by Jessica Cote

Anthem Necklace

Silversmithing skills and ancient aesthetics. This new course is all about expanding foundations, extracting forms, and embracing imperfection.

Ring the bells that still can ring...

Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.

- Leonard Cohen's "Anthem"

About this Design

The words above have been some of my personal favorites for years.  This  project was born out of an appreciation for the weathered, imperfect aspects of things enduring and enjoyed, an inspiration drawn from far off places, and the desire to create something customizable- a cohesive whole built of compelling parts.


what you can EXPECT

  • Ample, high quality content including written and visual instructions.
  • Access.  Once purchased, this course is yours.  Forever.
  • Community.  The membership hub is a place to interact with other students and myself.
  • Me.  I'll be here every step of the way, checking on you and participating in the membership hub.
  • Resources!  Templates, shoppable supply and tool lists, etc.

what you will LEARN

  • working with templates
  • centering and stamping
  • piercing
  • texturing 
  • filing and refining
  • forming
  • dapping
  • disc cutting
  • working with tubing
  • soldering
  • embellishing
  • finishing
  • tips & tricks
  • alternatives & considerations
  • proficiency & confidence

what you will CREATE

An individualized necklace comprised of four basic parts:
  • a handmade bell
  • spool-style beads
  • spacer beads
  • a custom toggle

Use these components together to create a project just as I do in this course, or take the individual elements and incorporate them into your own aesthetic and style of work. You should be able to mix and match these pieces to create simple to elaborate neck pieces, bracelets, even earrings.  

Student Feedback

It is obvious that Jessica had a specific vision when she decided to establish a site for online teaching.   She thought of every detail.  Her classroom set up is nothing less than one step away from an in person workshop, only that you feel you have her full attention.   The classroom is well organized, the filming is professionally produced, and each segment is broken down into steps that are well explained and demonstrated.   She also provides printable  instructions for reference, which are also very concise.  She has a forum to ask questions and interact with other classmates which I much prefer as you are not directed to another site.  It is truly a classroom experience.   In addition, once you sign up, you have unlimited access to her classes and videos which is a huge benefit.  I can’t say enough about Jessica’s online class experience, only that once you experience it, you will want to continue as her student! 
Lorraine George (@lgeorge2)
Well, my Rio order arrives today, but the class is already paying dividends... :-) 
After watching the soldering videos, I picked up some nuggets of Rosy Wisdom that made a big difference in my own soldering... had several pieces to solder last night and it was easy peasy instead of nerve wracking as usual.... thanks Jess!
Rob Scott (@camanchemesa)

Skill Level + Tool FYI:

  • This course is recommended for intermediate students.  Familiarity with a saw and experience soldering will be highly beneficial.  
  • I will be using an acetylene-air torch for this project.  A butane canister affixed to a Sterno torch head (as is commonly used in classrooms) will work just fine. To view my personal favorites when it comes to soldering tools and torches, click HERE.
  • Most tools in this course are basic bench tools- common pliers, hammers, and files.  
  • Specialty tools include a disc cutter able to cut a 1/4" and 5/8" circle (or use your saw), a commercial tube cutter (roughly $15 on Amazon) and a dapping set.  Upon purchase of this course, students will be supplied with a fully shoppable list of tools, designed to help educate you about your options and make sourcing easy.

What's included?

Video Icon 42 videos File Icon 14 files Text Icon 1 text file


Hi + Welcome!
1 min
Hi and Welcome!
1 min
First Things To Do:
Before You Begin
132 KB
Tool Suppliers & Shopping Links
Verbal Overview of Raw Materials
3 mins
854 KB
Raw Materials Shopping Links
BONUS: My Soldering Station
Crafting the Bell
374 KB
Bell Instructions.pdf
619 KB
Applying the Template
4 mins
Marking + Stamping
4 mins
Piercing the Bell
4 mins
Filing the Edges
3 mins
Annealing the Bell
3 mins
Dapping + Forming
16 mins
Drilling + Refining
3 mins
Making the Bail
3 mins
Soldering the Bail Closed
3 mins
Soldering Bail to Bell
3 mins
Adding the Jingle
3 mins
Constructing the Spool Beads
703 KB
Spool Bead Instructions.pdf
467 KB
Measuring for Spool Beads
2 mins
Patterning + Cutting
5 mins
Tube Detail
5.69 MB
Adding Texture
3 mins
Your Bead Cap Template
2 mins
Cutting the End Caps
4 mins
Disc Cutter (Bird's Eye View)
5.37 MB
Dapping the Caps
4 mins
Dapping + Cracking the Tubes
5 mins
Soldering Info + Prep
3 mins
Soldering Bead Caps + Jump Rings
6 mins
Tube-to-Cap Soldering Setup
5 mins
Soldering First Cap to Tubing
4 mins
Second Tube-to-Cap Soldering Setup
2 mins
Soldering Second Cap to Tubing
3 mins
Adding Texture
6 mins
Creating the Spacer Beads
Spacer Bead Instructions.pdf
229 KB
Measuring + Filing
5 mins
Forming the Beads
4 mins
Setting up to Solder
6 mins
Soldering the Spacer Beads
3 mins
Stretching the Beads
3 mins
Tapping + Refining
4 mins
Making Embellishments
3 mins
Soldering the Embellishments
10 mins
Composing the Toggle
Measuring, Filing + Forming
7 mins
Soldering the Toggle
6 mins
Texturing + Refining
4 mins
Toggle Instructions.pdf
377 KB
Finishing + Polishing
Finishing + Examples
1.11 GB
442 KB
3 mins
Video Credit and Contact Info
1 min


  1. Due to the immediate access to written instructions, video demos, templates and other resources, I do not provide refunds for online courses under any circumstances.  Please make your course selections carefully.
  2. Online courses are a privilege to teach and take.  Ethical behavior is non-negotiable.  Sharing passwords, downloads and other materials with anyone who has not paid for this course will result in your immediate removal from the course, nor will you be permitted to register for a future course of mine.  Please note that this website tracks login geography- if you log in to your account from North Carolina in the morning and log in from California an hour later, the system will notify me of potential user abuse.
  3. I reserve the right to dismiss any student at any time from this course if the above ethical guidelines are in question or not met.  Other reasons for dismissal from this course and/or future courses include rudeness/disrespect to fellow students, to me, and teaching this course or any part of it as your own.
I'm Jessica- a silversmith, southerner, wife and mama from a small town in rural North Carolina.  Teaching has become such an unexpected passion of mine over the years, born largely out of the appreciation for those who have helped me along my own path. I've been a career silversmith for twelve years and an instructor for seven. I believe in growth, in human connection, in love, God, and paying it forward.  I believe in you.  Docendo discimus. Thank you for that.