You're capable.

You're climbing and I'm here to encourage you.  My purpose is to help you learn new techniques or build upon skills you already possess, to inspire you, to show you that you're able, and to light a fire in you if resistance and doubt have left your silversmithing spirit in ashes.  Welcome.

Cut & Paste Challenge

Down and Dirty: Essential Soldering Techniques

Anthem Necklace

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I'm Jessica- a silversmith, southerner, wife and mama from a small town in rural North Carolina.  Teaching has become such an unexpected passion of mine over the years, born largely out of the appreciation for those who have helped me along my own path. I've been a career silversmith for twelve years and an instructor for seven. I believe in growth, in human connection, in love, God, and paying it forward.  I believe in you.  Docendo discimus. Thank you for that.